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Local Networks
Our developmental approach leads us to implement capacity-building solutions. We collaborate with and support local indigenous people and ministries, in order to build their capacity to come alongside people in need in their own regions and to render a valuable service in their own communities. For this reason we work almost exclusively with local, indigenous partners in a given country or region. They know the culture, language, and way of thinking of people in need and are thus best equipped to provide effective and efficient help.

We collaborate with numerous national and international organizations and ministries, including dozens of partner ministries in the countries of our projects, as well as ministries in Switzerland, Europe, and North America. Collaborating across denominational lines with various Christians and ministries results in financial and material synergies, which in turn can be used to provide quick and effective help for people in need. We participate in several networks such as “Hoffnungsnetz,” (“Network of Hope”) with a focus on emergency and disaster relief, the Swiss Evangelical Alliance (SEA), and its «Roundtable for Religious Freedom», in German «Arbeitsgemeinschaft Religionsfreiheit» (AGR) and the alliance of charities called «Interaction» (IA). There are further cooperations with transport of aid goods and with the Christmas parcel project «Aktion Weihnachtspäckli» (AWP). Information and raising awareness Millions of Christians today experience persecution, discrimination, oppression, torture, and even death on account of their faith. Many of them lose all their material belongings, have to flee, and are left with nothing. People in the West are typically unaware of these occurrences. We make it our mandate to raise awareness about the extent and nature of the persecution of Christians and how we can help them. We do this through the use of our publications, seminars, and workshops, as well as inviting people who have personally been affected to visit us in Switzerland and to share their first-hand experiences.